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Branding & Identity

In business since April of 2005, IdeaItalia is
today one of the few remaining true OEM
manufacturers of wood furniture. The
company’s name is rooted in its mission –
“an Idea to bring Italian furniture to the
masses”. Italy has long been known for its
exceptional design and quality, however
price points kept it only in the realm and
reality of the affluent consumer. IdeaItalia
is an Italian company with its corporate
offices, assembly, warehouse and
distribution center in North Carolina. The
company is best known for building
beautiful contemporary bedroom furniture
that combines form and function creating
the perfect balance of style and elegance.
The company’s skilled artisans’ meticulous
attention-to-detail is seamlessly
incorporated into every step of the
manufacturing process of the company’s
value priced bedroom collections.



By manufacturing everything that goes into
its product line, IdeaItalia has created the
formula for value. The manufacturing
process starts with the log, the raw lumber.
Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and
machinery, the company has created what
it calls “Engineered Wood™” as the core of
its bedroom and living room furniture. On
which, IdeaItalia has created proprietary
high gloss finishes that are applied in its
350,000+ square-foot factory in Italy. The
company designs and engineers all of its
internal components such as glides, bases,
hardware as well as all glass and mirrors
and manufactures those components in its
factories in Asia in order to capitalize on
the lowest possible labor costs as it relates
to very high volumes. Nearly 20% of the
company’s finished furniture SKU is made
in its Asian factories.

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From Italy, the finished panels are
packaged efficiently to gain the maximum
container yield and like the components
from Asia, are shipped in containers to the
company’s 420,000 square-foot North
Carolina plant and distribution center.
There, skilled artisans completely
assemble the furniture for the company’s
retail store customers who then, display
and sell it to the American consumer. By
being a truly vertically integrated GLOBAL
manufacturer, one who concentrates on a
smaller product line with more finishes and
options, IdeaItalia ensures that efficiencies
in manufacturing are achieved and that the
company can offer the best value in
contemporary wood furniture. Today the
company boasts more than two thousand
case furniture pieces are manufactured
each day and it counts many of America’s
top-100 retailers among its valued


IdeaItalia’s mission is to offer the latest European & Italian contemporary furniture styles to the North American design and retail furnishings trade at both moderate and affordable price points. The company operates on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean with manufacturing in Italy and assembly of its finished case goods in North Carolina in the United States.

Mr. Carlo Bargagli, CEO


IdeaItalia, is a specialist in the manufacture of contemporary Italian case goods. When the company commenced operations, it did so utilizing the acquired rights to produce the designs of former Italian producer San Giorgio. Since then, IdeaItalia has developed new product and new styles under the watchful eye of company president and CEO, Carlo Bargagli. IdeaItalia manufactures finished wood panels in Italy and additional components in other countries for assembly, warehousing and distribution in its Conover, North Carolina factory where the company has a 33-acre site leaving plenty of room for expansion.



IdeaItalia is located in Conover, N.C. The company operates from its 420,000-square-foot production, warehouse and distribution facility at 1902 Emmanuel Church Road. There it produces up to 2500 pieces of furniture a day including a full range of bedroom, dining room and entertainment units.

IdeaItalia Contemporary Furniture
1902 Emmanuel Church Road
PO Box 1298
Conover, NC 28613